To Automate or Not To Automate, That Is The Question?


Business Process Management (BPM) enables the management and optimization of processes via the creation and improvement of workflows.

Cloud and no-coding

Numerous business process management systems have enhanced capabilities for developing simple apps using low-code platforms. Solution providers attempt to make it relatively simple for enterprises to develop business apps, processes, and workflows — all from a single platform. Due to the usage of no-code solutions, programmers are not required to create and update specific projects — often, an IT professional simply has to look at pre-built solutions and determine whether it is worthwhile to change things. The great majority of jobs, on the other hand, can be completed by individuals without experience and technical understanding. The platforms provide access to a variety of wizards, pre-configured systems, and pre-built function blocks from which customised processes and workflows may be built.

Which operations to automate?

When contemplating process automation, it’s beneficial to consider the following questions:

  • How many individuals are required to complete the task?
  • How critical is the time required to complete the activity (is the sooner the better)?
  • How significant is the effect of this job on other processors and systems?
  • Is compliance or auditing required?
  • assistance with the help desk,
  • developing case studies based on our customers’ experiences,
  • aggregation and movement of data,
  • backup and recovery of data,
  • asks for leave,
  • expenditures made by the business,
  • call centre operations,
  • purchase orders,
  • keeping track of work hours and attendance,
  • human resources,
  • billing,
  • product introductions,
  • message distribution as part of e-mail marketing.

It’s not just a question about time.

Sales automation saves time and increases productivity. Automation is a right place to start for a business that is through transition. It will foster a culture of constant change; future changes will be automated first, followed by subsequent modifications. Automation demands the design of a process technique, increasing transparency. Automating the process will help us better understand the work and the participants.



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