Digital Technology trends for 2021 & beyond

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to unplanned/unforeseen business disruptions will be a clearer determiner of success in our increasingly digitalized economy. A large percentage of a future enterprise’s revenue depends upon the responsiveness, scalability, and resiliency of its infrastructure, applications, and data resources.” — Rick Villars, group vice president of IDC.

The shift to the cloud with Edge becoming the highest priority.

By 2023, the pandemic shift in business models and the associated corporate approach to remote work will be key drivers for 80% of organizations to introduce mechanisms to enable the transfer of their IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud and invest in edge computing technologies. Accelerating the transition to the hybrid IT model is expected to help increase the digital resilience of the organization. The need to provide hardware and application resources in remote locations and deliver data to them can stimulate the adaptation of new, cloud-oriented edge and network solutions to be more agile to the changing business needs and build a flexible and scalable business.

Is edge computing the new cloud?

No, edge computing complements the cloud in a hybrid IT environment. It will become the central point of real-time data acquisition and processing, that cannot exist without cloud computing capabilities that have much greater potential related to scaling, which cannot be provided by nodes in the appropriate dimension. As predicted by Gartner analysts, a combination of edge computing technology with cloud solutions is currently one of the best ways to ensure companies can maximize the potential of both approaches while minimizing their limitations.

Resilience in the new reality.

Companies aspiring to be leaders in their industries must be able to adapt quickly to unforeseen situations that disrupt standard operations quickly. This includes the use of digital technology to maintain the continuity of business operations. IDC estimates that by 2022 organizations seeking to achieve digital resilience will be 50% faster in responding to such factors than companies that primarily want to restore their current level of resilience to unforeseen events.



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